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Pina lace-up booties (in stock)



These adorable lace-up booties are incredibly comfortable to wear, easy to slip on, and look great dressed up or down. Baby and toddler feet are well protected and have the space to move freely, allowing them to develop naturally and safely in preparation for those long-awaited first steps. Made with roughened leather non-slip soles, ideal for wooden and tiled floors. Constructed from high quality leather allows younger siblings to wear them too! Each item comes in a beautiful gift bag, which make it ideal presents.


The overview below is a guideline. We advise you to measure the little ones feet first.

Size 1: age 0-6 M - 11 cm
size 2: age 6-12 M - 12 cm
size 3: age 12-18 M - 12,5 cm