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Bath Towel - Flower


100x50 cm (s)
140x70 cm (m)
180x100cm (l)

100% cotton


Our Turkish towels are woven with a woolly kind of cotton which absorbs moist very well. The subtly woven flower patterns and hand knotted fringe give the towels a beautiful look. A luxurious and strong towel that will look beautiful in your bathroom.


Pull the knots of the fringes of the towel before washing (the first time only). Before use, put the towel in COLD water for about 12 hours (if possible, not necessary). This will make the fibers stronger and the absorption better. It also reduces shrinkage. Then wash it at 40 degrees. Wash your towels with similar colours. The towels can be washed at 60 degrees and can be tumbled dry. The use of fabric softener can make towels less absorbent. So do not use fabric softener or use as little as possible.